Runner or Jogger (Pt. I)

A conversation I regularly have has made it to the blog: Runner or Jogger? And is there a difference? This is going to be a two-part post, with the first one getting your opinions, then stating mine in Pt. II.

This conversation usually starts with someone saying: "Going out for a jog?" or "Jogger on your right/left" when passing someone. So here we are, the inevitable question: Is there a difference between a Runner and being a Jogger? Feel free to express your thoughts on why there is a difference or lack of. GO!

FYI: If the opportunity arises, some of your comments may appear in Pt. II as support for either side.


erin rae said...

I've pondered this same question, too! Here's what I've arrived at: a jogger is the casual version of a runner. Running implies a speed and/or distance goal, whereas a jogger goes for recreation. The guy who shuffles around my parking garage every morning: jogger. The guy hauling ass down Central Ave: runner.

BSchorr said...

I like Erin's take on it - the distinction may refer more to intent than ability. I know 70 year olds who I consider "runners" because their goals are more competitive/specific. They're actually training for races. They maybe take 7 hours to do a marathon but they are out there pacing, they're aware of how they're placing in their age group, etc.

Whereas a jogger is perhaps somebody who just goes out and jogs the same loop around the neighborhood for exercise/recreation without any specific race or training goal in mind.

Ami said...

Pretty much like the above comments...I've heard that if you can run an 8 min mile or less, than you are considered a runner. If not, than you fall in the jogger category. That said, I usually run (or jog) between 8-9 min miles and rarely use the term jogger to define myself. It just sounds sooo recreational, as opposed to athletic and determined.

Anonymous said...

what's in a name???? ok, lets talk about me: i am a slow runner/jogger, i do about 7.5 minutes to the km on average. i ve never competed in a race (ok not ever since i was 18, I am 40 now) and i dont have a race or goal in mind when I run. Still I do 8 to 12 km 4 times per week and i love each meter of them... what does that make me? jogger? runner? I am happy with any of the two. does it matter in the end? we do it because we love it no matter what its called :)

D said...

Well you all have broken down the Runner vs Jogger debate but my wife brings up a very intriguing thoughts. The difference between a Jogger and Speed Walker? I say Laziness... speed walker just not willing to pick it up that half notch, but Nicole says Attention.... Speed walker is easily noticed with the hard core hip action and short shorts.
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