Raffle Winners

First, I'd like to thank everyone for joining in the fun. The raffle was held three weeks before race day, which means that everyone that entered is capable of running a full marathon or a half in short notice. That is a testament to what we do. Want to run a race in less than month? Sure, sign me up.

I'd also like to thank Gene Brtalik, the Oakland Running Festival Event Director, for taking the time to be interviewed and for donating complimentary entries to this wonderful event. We look forward to celebrating (and finishing) the Inaugural Oakland Running Festival.

And of course, we have to thank Pure Fit Radio for making this happen. I am the Endurance State Reporter for the state of California and it is always a pleasure to keep you up to date on events happening within our lovely state. The weekly podcast (discussing training, upcoming events, nutrition, injury prevention) is available for free download at iTunes and is hosted by Bart Yasso and "Marathon Junkie" Chuck Engle.

Without another moment, here are the results. We had just under 20 entrants (not bad for a 4 day raffle with an event in three weeks) and the winners are:

1. Mike Kezsely
2. Sandra Kirschner
3. Jessica Clemons

If you could each email me or contact me on facebook (links to the right), I will give you further instructions to claim you complimentary entry.

For more information, please feel free to visit the official Oakland Running Festival website. Registration is still open for all events and we look forward to seeing you out there.

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