Run AND Walk (yes, I said walk)

In this month's issue of Runner's World (pg. 34 Starting Line) there was a small paragraph about "eventually be(ing) able to run without walking" and thought I would share some thoughts on the subject.

I've been running for almost 4 years and have always used the run/walk method. It's how I learned to finish a marathon back in 2006 with the San Francisco Aids Marathon Training Program, now Greater Than One. They taught us the Jeff Galloway (who the article coincidentally was by) Run-Walk training method.

Some may think you have to "run" the entire time to be a runner. Eh, to each their own. I'm not an elite and never will be, but I consider myself a runner. I have enough marathons under my belt and a few ultra's as the whip cream... (makes no sense, but it's too late to go back and change it).

My first marathon, I finished in 5:21 using a 4-1 run/walk ratio. I now train under a 9-1 run/walk ratio and finish around 4:30. Come race day, I run from mile marker to mile marker, then take a 30 sec. to 1-minute walk. The style works for me and many others. It took some time for me to reach that ratio after starting with a 3-1. It's a good pace for me and it may change as I get faster (or slower). It's nice to have a plan to work with that is flexible.

Often times I'll leap frog people that are running the entire time. We are both running 9-10 min. miles, just using different techniques. We both finish with smiles and we are both runners.

What's your running style and how does it work for you?

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Greg Johnson said...

I agree. Thanks for the post!