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Since this weekend is pretty special, it deserves a special (and final) post about our goal to raise some money for Dana's cause as she runs 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money/awareness for South African AIDS orphans.

Dana has committed to raising $26,000 on her 52 week journey and is currently around $11,000 with back-to-back marathons this weekend. The ING Hartford Marathon (10/9) and Steamtown Marathon (10/10). So, with a back-to-back weekend and 10.10.10 being this Sunday, I'd like to set up a special giveaway:

If you donate $10, I'll send you an audio file that will coach you through a 30-minute Nike treadmill workout. It includes coached instructions to complete a 30-minute workout on a treadmill. Basically, there is a gentlemen that instructs you how to adjust the settings on the treadmill with music clips in-between to keep you going. It starts with an easy warm-up, a gradual progression in speeds based on your ability and suggested incline percentages (BONUS: It includes a session of speed intervals set to techno music).

If you donate $15, I'll also include a running playlist CD with great music to run to. A full 80 minutes of music to get those feet moving. It's my personal mix, so it has been road tested and approved.

BONUS MILE: If you take it a step further and donate $25, I'll include a $5 iTunes gift card with the two items above. Score!

DONATE HERE: this is a link to Dana's blog where you can donate.

So if you have been looking for a way to mix up your workout, here is your chance to do so and help out a very worthy cause. If you donate, please send me an email here and let me know how much you donated. Thats it. Easy as pie.

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