NY Marathon (Before)

It's been awhile since my last post and it was 80% on purpose. This is my 199th post and I was saving my 200th post for the NY Marathon recap. Which will be up mid-November.

This was my very first time entering into the NY lottery and luck of the runner, I got in! Then I got hurt. Then I got better. So, it all worked out I guess.

I'm sort of on the fence on how I feel about this. I was super excited to get in and run one of the most exciting events out there. But I always wanted to run this race when I was ready to set a great time. Hence my not entering the last 2 years. I was in line to make this fast NY marathon a reality, but then injured my IT 4 miles from a 4:20 finish in Seattle. With limited time to rehab and build up my miles, it would have to be a recovery time with zero set backs... which it was. I was able to build up to 22 miles 2 weeks before the race which left me enough time for a taper. Had there been any hiccup in my recovery, a 20+ training run wouldn't have been possible.

NY is setting up to be a good/bad combo. I got in (good), I get hurt (bad). I recover enough to race (good), I won't be able to go fast and risk re-injury (bad).

So I have to change things up and make marathon day a good/good. The current plan is to run with a friend of mine and just enjoy it. I'll be running the NY MARATHON for crying out loud. Running next to the likes of Oprah, P. Diddy, Katie Holmes, Edward Norton... Ok, I don't know if any of those people are running it this year, but they have run it in the past and seeing them in running gear next to me as I run through Brooklyn sounds fun. So let me have my moment...

I'm planning on 10 min miles and finishing around 4:30. That's a comfortable pace where I shouldn't run a risk of bothering my IT. (pun totally intended).

I'd love to hear last minute tips from past participants or words of advice from you fellow runners, feel free to throw them in the comments below.

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TeeStorm said...

I can totally understand your disappointment in getting injured before this race. BUT this gives you a perfect opportunity to run for the pure enjoyment without any pressure of setting a PR. Enjoy the scenery and the crowds. I am also running this race for the first time and I would be delighted to run it in 4:30 :) Happy Running!