Beatles Weekend

Why wouldn't you add a song that can instantly transform you to (perhaps) a happier place? I have been going through my CD collection... yes, CD collection and I've been turning those little 5-inch discs we used to buy from Sam Goody or Tower Records into MP3 files.

One: It's clearing up tons of space from the house as I am selling the CDs to Rasputin (a Bay Area used record store). I'm only getting (on average) $1 a piece, but considering I still have the music electronically, it's free money.

Two: I'm discovering tons of music that has been sitting on my shelves, rarely getting any play. From 90's alternative to 80's hip-hop, it is bringing life to my iPod when it's on shuffle.

I posed a question the other day on Facebook, as an old favorite popped up on the most recent shuffle: "Favorite Beatles song... GO!"

Results from Facebook:
In My Life (four responses)
Blackbird (two responses)
Let It Be (two responses)
Here Comes the Sun
With a Little Help From my Friends
Yellow Submarine
Imagine, by John Lennon
I Saw Her Standing There
A Day in the Life
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
When I'm Sixty-Four

Here are a couple of my Favorites:
Eleanor Rigby
I'm a sucker for violins in a song. Throw in some cellos, the voice of McCartney and its a wrap.

Norwegian Wood
"I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me." I like to consider that the best song lyric to ever start a song. Again, this song has a unique sound, like many Beatles songs, but it features the Sitar played by George Harrison.

The list goes on an on: Dear Prudence, Come Together, Revolution, Penny Lane... it's just endless. So why not add some of your favorites to your running playlist? Most of the songs are short... perhaps no more than 3 mins. If you are worried about the song being to slow for your pace, give it a try. I often find that I run faster to a slower paced song. Think of an action movie with fast driving cars and a slow song... it adds a dramatic effect to what's going on. If not, hit skip. On to the next song. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but you'll never know unless you try.

Make it a Beatles weekend run and add a few to your playlist. Would love to hear some feedback if you do.


dannie chOOng said...

loves Beatles but is virtually not popular among the newer generation here in Malaysia... the older folks here never run with MP3, while the younger runners will have tunes Lady Gaga, Pussy Cat Dolls, Justin B. etc only !!! :(

FruitFly said...

Wow - to pick just one favorite Beatles song is so hard!! I love Let It Be and Yesterday the most probably. Until I hear a different one and then that is my favorite!

Sharon said...

AWESOME. Fact? I'm Beatarded.