Runner Cards

I heard on the radio that moms are starting to (or have been for some time) carrying "Mom Cards." Essentially it is a business card that has all vital information pertaining to their child that a mom might want to hand out. For example one might say: Kara Goucher, Colt's Mom. It would have information such as Kara's phone, cell, e-mail address or any contact information she might want to share with another person. It can be useful if you want to arrange a play-date or meet another mom at the park that you would like to see again.

Mom's can also take it a step further by including information about allergies or emergency contacts. The radio hosts were making the case that this can be handy if you happen to run into another mother and are in a rush and don't have time to exchange information on the spot. Boom! Here is my Mom card, let's hang out. Also could be used for sleep-overs, birthday parties, car pool, etc.

Soooo, being the runner that I am, I started to think: "Could this be useful for us, as a running community?" Many times when I'm out running, I see other runners and think, maybe we are running the same distance. Looks like we are running the same pace, in the same location, why not run together? I've chatted with other runners at stop lights or intersections and had pleasant conversations. Boom! Here's my runner card.

Haha. Ok, no one would want to carry a business card for miles. First, it would get all sweaty and often times the pockets are being used for keys, gu, etc. But, it could be pretty fun. It could have extremely important information such as: pace, location preference (trails, parks, roads), iPod, no iPod, desired running times (a.m. vs. p.m.), favorite Gatorade flavor, potty intervals... who knows? We are a picky bunch, we might have to use both sides.

Note: it could come in handy when you run by an attractive runner. I know I'm not the only one that corrects their form and picks up the pace when a cutie runs by. And I run in a group, so I've seen it happen whether it be male or female.


FruitFly said...

This could be a completely brilliant idea! I keep seeing this same guy running the same big loop - but the opposite direction. I keep feeling like we should talk and see if we run the same or are training for anything the same. And he is kinda cute too. But last time I saw him I decided he was probably gay - of course better reason to befriend him. I could always use more cute gay boys to hang out with!

Ooh - what if the cards are laminated! That would protect them from sweat and Gu!

Anonymous said...

Hey why don't you design the "Runner Cards" and share it with the rest of us runners :)