26 Day Countdown

With 26 days until the Oakland Running Festival, it seemed appropriate to make a list of what I plan to do over the next three weeks to prepare for the race.

Note: As of right now, I am planning to run the Full Marathon. After a tough couple weeks of training (and my lack of running in Dec. and most of Jan.) I may decide to drop down to the Half Marathon. This weekend's 20-mile preview run will be the deciding factor. 

The Oakland Running Festival helps organize several course-preview or practice runs throughout the months leading up to race day. It's a great way to have an actual "race day" training experience, complete with water stops.

3/2 - Wednesday
Create this list (done)

3/3 - Thursday
Run an 8 miler before work

3/4 - Friday
Make sure I drink plenty of fluids and get a good night sleep. Sleep 36 hrs before a run can be just as key as the night before.

3/5 - Saturday
Try to stay off my feet most of the day. Go see a movie?

3/6 - Sunday
Run the Oakland Running Festival 20-mile preview. Crucial run. Have dinner with some running friends later that night.

3/7 - Monday
Decide if I am ready for the marathon, or the half marathon.

3/8 - Tuesday
Second guess my decision over an 8 mile run before work. Register for Oakland Running Festival

3/9 - Wednesday
Work the foam roller and get a good stretch before bed.

3/10 - Thursday
Look at a picture of Dean Karnazes (below) and imagine he is giving me a pep talk.

3/11 - Friday
Look at picture of Kara Goucher (below) and imagine she is giving me a pep talk AND ask for a hug and kiss.

3/12 - Saturday
Run with a group of friends in San Francisco (either 20-22 or 13-15, depending on race day distance).

3/13 - Sunday
Watch DVR'd episodes on television and imagine it has something to do with running. This helps avoid me being labeled as a couch potato.

3/14 - Monday
Recovery run, distance depending on Saturday's run.

3/15 - Tuesday
Play Bond GoldenEye on the Wii. Code Name: Stolichnaya (seriously)

3/16 - Wednesday
Wake up early and get a run in with Mika, she is always good for a 5-miler.

3/17 - Thursday
St. Patrick's day. Green beer counts as carboloading, right?

3/18 - Friday
Have a Starbucks for breakfast, most likely my usual: Triple Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte  and 3-pack of Madelines. (Skinny = sugar free syrup and non-fat milk, no whip) 

3/19 - Saturday
Run with a group of friends in San Francisco (either 15-18 or 8-12, depending on race day distance).

3/20 - Sunday
First day of Spring! Finalize race day goals, pace strategy and realize that anything can happen on race day making my goals irrelevant.

3/21 - Monday
Make sure I have everything needed for race day (includes comfortable running clothes, GU, Gatorade, glide... essentially a supplies check)

3/22 - Tuesday
Create my final play-list for race day.

3/23 - Wednesday
Get in possibly my last run (3-5 mi.) before the race (if not, schedule for Thursday)

3/24 - Thursday
Celebrate Prince Thursday by rockin' some bad-ass purple.

3/25 - Friday
Carbo Load - pasta always sounds nice

3/26 - Saturday
Expo Day - pick up race day packet and awesome scwhag!

3/27 - Sunday
Race Day - go out and enjoy a lovely event for 26.2 or 13.1 miles. Either way, have fun, enojy the local scene and bring home a shiny medal.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you have it all down...just like a PRO. Good luck either way on your run. Be safe and have fun!