Time for a change

Over Labor Day weekend, I got to some serious thinking. 2011 has been a year of many changes:
  • I'm going to become a father in the next couple of months.
  • I turned 30 in May, and
  • The entire year may go by WITHOUT me running a full marathon (on schedule to run 5 half marathons this year).
Seems like the perfect time to make a change before the year is over AND before my daughter arrives. I've flirted in the past with trying to accomplish P90X. Its a 90-day Xtreme workout program that doesn't mess around. That's the point. It's not a typical 20-minute workout three times a week type program, it's a kick your ass everyday for 90 straight days type of program. I've started and stopped in the past, never really diving into it too much.

I wouldn't consider myself skinny. But on the same note, I wouldn't consider myself over-weight. Sure, I could stand to loose 10-20 pounds, but I'm not out of shape, nor am I significantly in-shape. I run. I run a lot. But that doesn't mean I'm fit. I rarely cross train and my weights are great at collecting dust below my computer desk.

Time for a change.
I get inspiration and motivation from friends on Facebook and Twitter and I think: "Man, if I got a little more "fit," I might be able to become a better runner." Duh! Well, it's that time. I'm diving straight into P90X and kicking up my weekly mileage at the same time. It started on Monday.... so 90 days from now (December), I should be a lean-mean-running-fit machine.

I want my daughter to have a healthy, positive role model and who better to do that than her father. I want her to be proud of me. I want her to say "My Daddy is tough, and fast, and in-shape." Take that snot-nosed kid in the play-ground!

We'll see how it goes. I'm going to start training towards the 26.2 distance and keep my eye out for a December full (Not RNRLV, most likely local in the Bay Area). That combined with P90X should point me in the right direction towards becoming more "fit."

Change is good.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! My husband and I are also P90X-ers and we love it. He followed the regular program while I did the P90X Lean. It sounds like you have very realistic expectations about the program (it IS tough, that's why it works). I hate it when people say, "I'm doing P90X" when they really mean they have done the YogaX DVD...once. :)

Do you plan on following the meal plan that comes with the system too? We tried to, but it was just SO much food for my husband to eat. He was literally making himself sick. We ended up compromising and doing the meal block type system. It worked out a lot better for me and allowed me to incorporate more of the foods I liked. Plus, I didn't have to eat weird things like arrowroot (whatever that was). :)

Pavement Runner said...

Thanks Katie. I'm not doing the meal plan. I like my "not-healthy" food too much to give that up. I think just the workout plan will be enough to get me in better race shape. Baby steps I guess, literrally. :) Thanks for commenting and sharing!