With a Little Help From My Friends

Fact: I've been in a funk pretty much since the end of 2010. I haven't been running as much as I should be. I've been subjecting myself to long runs on the weekend without the build-up milage to support such distances.

I know that I need to incorporate more 3-8 mile runs during the week, cross train more consistently and simply put, just recommit to the sport.

Over the weekend, I was going through some photos and found a picture of me and 2 very close friends (also running) at the start line of the 2010 SF Marathon. I sent it to each of them with a simple line: "Miss you guys." (Context: I train with a group of friends in San Francisco and haven't been making it out to our Saturday runs consistently).

I received a response from each of them:

"Awhhh — look at us at 6 a.m. in the morning. No reason to miss us, you know. Just get up and run."

"Thanks for sending that, that's really sweet. You went through a burn out phase. Bring it back in slowly, maybe 3 miles, then 5 miles, set your sights on a half marathon max maybe in the late spring? BREAKS ARE HEALTHY! We'll support you and be standing by when you're ready to come back."

Two completely different responses, from two people I care very much about. But in essence they are saying what I need to hear:

  1. It is as simple as getting up, putting on your shoes and running. 1 mile, 2 miles, doesn't matter. "Just get up and run."

  2. I did burn out last year and it resulted in an injury from overuse. I was racing every month and not allowing proper recovery time. Setting a goal like a half marathon in a couple months will allow me to focus and get back on my feet, literally. 

Sometimes reaching out to those you know, especially fellow runners, results in solid advice. I plan on listening to BOTH of my friends and getting back out there. I'm ready. Re-focused and re-energized thanks to two amazing friends and an event photographer.


Incredible Photos

Incredible photo time! Here are the photos from MarathonFoto of the 2011 Oakland Running Festival. 

Before the race!

About to cross the finish line.. HULK SMASH COURSE!

Hulk not scared of mud... mud scared of HULK!

By far one of my favorite photos... this is the final mile, final hill. Hulk tired.

Incredible Hulk meets Usain Bolt

Say Cheeeeeese!

And of course once I got home, Mika wanted to play as well. 
Incredible Mika!

Thank you Oakland Running Festival for an incredible race and thank you MarathonFoto for the incredible photos. Share your comments below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.