26.2 Reasons I Started a Runner's Blog

Thank you for taking the time to read the very first post in my newly created blog. I have been thinking about creating a running blog for some time and I figured I should give you some of the reasons why I made this decision, so here is a list of reasons why I started a runners blog. Enjoy.

1. Everyone else has a blog, why can't I?

2. When you run for over 4 hours, you have a lot to think about.
3. Runners keep a running diary - mine will be Doogie Howser style.
4. To create an alternate forum for runners I know to communicate.
5. Want to know if I'm still running? Here you go.
6. Because Mika (my dog) wants to be famous.
7. Because you needed one more email list to be on.
8. To post topics about running that you might find interesting.
9. Another tool to keep me motivated to run.
10. Always looking for running routes, know any good ones?
11. A great place to organize a group run for the weekend.
12. Because running is addictive.
13. I talk way too much to begin with, why not type it out?
14. Wifey said I should start a blog and she is right 99.9% of the time.
15. Another reason to be in front of the computer.
16. Always looking for running music, any suggestions?
17. To stay up to speed (no pun inteded) on local running events.
18. Because maybe by reading my awesome running tales, you'll join me.
19. Gives me a reason to design another logo.
20. Running is healthy, stress-relieving, and fulfilling... is blogging also?
21. To find out if I actually have something to say.
22. Around mile 22, you may expect to hit "the wall."
23. If you don't know what "the wall" is, this blog can be informative.
24. I'm horrible at grammar and spelling, maybe this will help.
25. Along with being amazing, 'Super Lori' gave her support for this blog.
26. I think I have the potential to be really good at it.
26.2 - Because like marathons, 26 isn't enough... you need the .2

Please feel free to add to the list through comments or come up with some reasons why I should never blog again. Have a great week folks, thanks again for your support.


P-La said...

Wifey knows best :)

Glad to see you started a blog, express your creativity and your passion for running!!!

Lisa said...

Good luck on your upcoming run. I'll probably be lying on the couch eating cheetos or something, but I'll be thinking about ya!

Anonymous said...

This is pure awesomeness! Can't wait to

Anonymous said...

As a wise man once told me "I only run if i'm being chased" so run on my friend and i'll be sitting on the sidelines rooting you on all the way as i enjoy my fatty foods and ass spreading goodness

Briana Ladiao said...

Thnx Bro! You're the best and very encouraging. I have an eye or two to read what you have to say. Keep it entertaining!