Tuesday: Loading the iPod

In having to run for over four hours, it is important to have the right music. Some runners prefer to run with music and others without. When I am running with a group of friends, no matter the distance, I will run with no music and enjoy the conversation with those around me. However, when I am running alone, I feel the need to get lost in the music I am listening to.

All artists have one song on my iPod (unless otherwise listed). I also added the names to songs that I think are fantastic songs to have on a run. These add a little pep to my step if you will. So here is the music that I have chosen to listen to Sunday at the RunSF Marathon:

Alicia Keys
Benny Benassi & The Biz: Satisfaction
Blue October
Coldplay: Viva La Vida
Corey Hart
Dashboard Confessional: Vindicated (SpiderMan2)
Del the Funky Homosapien
DMX: Party Up
Eddie Money: Take Me Home Tonight
Eminem (2)
The Federation (3)
The Game (2)
Hieroglyphics (3)
Hoobastank (3)
Incubus (2)
Jay-Z (5)
JET (2)
Justin Timberlake (2)
Kanye West (4)
The Killers (2)
Linkin Park
Lupe Fiasco (4)
Marilyn Manson
Memphis Bleek (4)
Modest Mouse
Naughty by Nature: Feel Me Flow
N.O.R.E (2)
Obie Trice (3)
OneRepublic (2)
Papa Roach
Paul Wall (3)
Pitbull (6) : Go Girl
Ray J: Sexy Can I
Rick Ross (5)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids: Snake Devil
Shiny Toy Guns
Sia: Breathe Me (Six Feet Under)
T-Pain (2)
T.I. (2)
Timbaland (3)
The Ting Tings
Val Emmich
The Vines
The White Stripes (3)
Ying Yang Twins

As many runners will tell you, this is a rotating list - many songs will be on my iPod for a month or so then removed and eventually put back on. (You can only listen to the same song so many times) So tell me by way of leaving a comment, what songs on this list surprised you and what didnt?

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Lisa said...

What? No Jimmy Eat World or Journey? At least they would give you a good chuckle...