A Hefeweisen Well Deserved...

With the San Jose Jose Rock n Roll Marathon in 4 days, I have just been informed that Widmer Beer will be at the Finish Line Festival to provide (all runners over 21) one FREE BEER. And if you want more, it's only $5. How awesome is that?

Although I have never drank a beer so quickly after a run, the carbs are going to be very helpful and the Hef is my drink of choice if the choice is beer. So Cheers to hearing some good news on a Wednesday.

Later in the week I'll write about how this years RNRSJ event will be a different experience for me from last years.

Care to share your post run drink of choice? Leave it in the comments and let the people know what helps you recover.

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Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love at least 1 beer the night before a race? It's a beautiful thing and has forever been a tradition for me; I'm a believer! GO BRIAN! Kick asphalt out in San Jose!!! wahoooo -