The Return of the Invisible Man

With about 20 hours to go until race time, on a sprinkling Saturday, the invisible man has returned. Yep, it is that time again for me to lay out  everything I need to compete in the San Jose Rock N Roll Half-Marathon. Similar to last time, but with some slight alterations, here is the breakdown:

A: 2006 SF Aids Marathon Hat (Dri-Fit)
B: Running Sun Glasses (In-case sun comes out)
C: 2008 Nike HumanRace shirt (Dri-fit)
D: Nike Running Gloves (Dri-fit)
E: Water Bottle Belt (filled with Gatoraide)
F: Running Shorts (Dri-fit)
G: Running Watch (Set to a 5:1 Run:Walk ratio)
H: iPod Shuffle (song list)
I: Running shoes w/ Dri-fit Black socks
J: Where Mika is playing with her Kong right now

One thing you may notice that is missing is my running number/bib. That I am picking up today at the Expo. There is a chance of rain tomorrow, so it looks like we may have a nice fun run in the rain.

Hope you enjoyed the Invisible Man part 2. He will be making another appearance in early November. In case you are wondering, why this is the sequel, visit the original Invisible Man here.


Anonymous said...

you go on INVISIBLE MAN! Perseverence! PRIDE! Dedication! ENDURANCE! are few of the qualities invisible man posseses!

Let us know how you did!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog page while surfing the web. I am interested in taking running as a light exercise (dr. suggested exercise). Let me tell you I have never run, and I am not that young.
Can you give me some tips on how to get started?
Never too old