2008 Events: Year in Review

With 2008 running down to a halt, I'd like to look back at the year and review the highlights along with look at areas for improvement. 2009 is a year filled with running hopes and dreams, so now is a great time to look back and learn.

2008 was to date my busiest year event wise. I participated in 5 events, 3 half marathons, 1 full marathon, and a single 10k.

Kaiser Half (Feb.): Not time focused, ran with 2 friends and felt strong. Enjoyed the pouring rain along Great Highway for the last 3 miles.
Adjustments for 2009: Focus on time, shooting for 1:45 or sub 1:59

Newsom Stadium to Stadium 10k (June): First 10k, from Giants AT&T Park to 49ers Candlestick Park. Finished a little over an hour, but enjoyed the distance and will look to run again next year.
Adjustments for 2009: Focus on a sub 60 min finish along with setting pace to run full distance without stopping.

RunSF Full Marathon (August): Started off strong and on pace for strong finish. Hit obstacles at mile 14 and never recovered through remaining 11 miles, causing a slower than expected finishing time. However, felt strong and finished with a PR.
Adjustments for 2009: Train better to plan for a negative split and repeat or improve the pace of the first half.

San Jose Half Marathon (Oct): Overall my favorite local race. Had a time goal set but IT Band injury limited my training before hand and affected finishing time.
Adjustments for 2009: improve quality level of training to avoid injury and set PR along with beat Lisa Kim (long, but funny story).

US Half Marathon (Nov): IT Band still a factor, ran with no time goal and walked majority of the hills to avoid aggravating IT Band.
Adjustments for 2009: Not sure if I will run this event again. It included a number of hills and I wasn't overly impressed with the organization. If I run it again, it may be used as a training run with no time goal.

So that sums up the events I participated in and adjustments I need to make to improve in 2009. Later in the week, I'll be looking at my training log to see where I need to make alterations and what may have caused injury throughout the year.

If you'd like to share some 2008 events you enjoyed or disliked, please share in the comments. Run Strong.

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Michele said...

I loved the Philadelphia Distance Run. It was my first 1/2 marathon - the weather was perfect, and it was very well organized. It's only a 1/2, so you don't get in the middle of all of the marathoners. The Philly 1/2was great too, but much colder and lots more people.