Dear Summer,

It seems like every year around this time we must part ways. Please don't take it personal. We had some good times. In every relationship, there are struggles and set backs, but let's remember the finer moments. Those are the times that I will choose to focus on.

You know what they say: If you love something, you have to let it go... and if it comes back it's meant to be. You gotta let me go... and that's what needs to happen. I'm at a point in the year where I need to shift my focus into the fall season and get ready for racing season. I know. I know we raced together and we PR'd in San Francisco. Don't think that I'll forget that, but I feel like I can build upon it and you have to let me try. Sure I'll miss the early sunrises you sent my way and all the times you kept the sun out just a little bit longer so that I could run in the early evenings. But let's not forget about the heat you threw my way and how you even shared some sun burn... Look, I don't want to point fingers or play the blame game. There were definitely more highs, especially the weekend we ran 30 miles in three days. You turned 2009 this year and I think it was a good experience for the both of us.

I guess it's that time, the time when we say goodbye to each other and hope to cross paths again. I know there is a sharp hint of new tears, but we both new this moment was coming.

You will be missed. The short sleeves, the shade under the trees and the cool water on your hot days. I think my hat may miss you the most. You made me stronger, faster and ready to enter the next chapter of this year. I'll look back on our time together and smile... I hope you do the same.

Goodbye Summer,



Stephanie said...

I am waving good bye to summer and embracing fall. I am ready for cooler weather running!

Anonymous said...

We will miss the summer but not the "hot days" enjoy the cooler days, the sprinkles before it rains...no snow :)

Anonymous said...

well i am not sad its gone. no more 105 degrees (we get a few of those in Athens) and we are back to running conditions! frankly, i couldnt wait!