In exactcly 24 hours I will be at the starting line of my very first Ultra Marathon. An Ultra Marathon is any distance over the Marathon distance of 26.2 miles. This event will be 50k with the Pacific Coast Trail Runners (or 30.7 miles) over trails and with a 4,500 foot climb through Redwoord Park (picture above.)

How do I feel right now?

I've never run this distance (highest to date is 28 mi.) and I'm not sure how my body will respond to such a test.

Same as above. It's a challenge physically and mentally that I can't wait to tackle. Can you imagine saying, yes, I run marathons and ultras. (assuming this isn't the last one).

...out of my mind. Ha. Again, it's the longest distance race to date over a surface that I'm not accustomed to running on. Although I've run some trails, but nothingthis serious. It's also the most challenging course I've come across. Big Sur had some hills and a major climb, but this looks to be non-stop rolling hills and a major climb.

This feeling is one most runners are used to. Its a feeling of wanting to get it started and really find out if I can do this. Pass or fail, blow the whistle, shoot the gun, let's get this race on the road... er... trail. Whatever let's gt this thing shaking and baking.

Injury. Ugh. That word is the worst for us running addicts. It side lines us and we can't take it. As of now I feel fairly close to 100% and have been that way for the majority of the year. As we are entering race season I'd like to keep it that way. I have some concerns with little aches that may arise, but I'm a stubborn runner. There I said it. I'm one of those that will resist stopping and DNF (Did Not Finish) at all costs. I haven't DNF'd to date and don't plan on starting.

Well, I have 24 hours to live because after that I will start killing my body over 50k. Here we go.


HEATHER said...

GOOD LUCK to you! Those redwoods look beautiful!

kara said...

Beautiful area! Those trees!
Just relax and take it all in - You will survive : )
Can't wait to hear all about it.
I'm doing a measly 7k trail race next weekend. (But it's my first!)