Pure Fit Radio Launches

A while back an elite runner and Facebook friend asked if I was interested in being part of a new website and podcast. It sounded like a great concept and next thing I knew, I was a part of the team at Pure Fit Radio. It is a website set up to inform people about upcoming events, injury prevention, sports rehabilitation and to provide motivation and inspiration for runners, triathletes to anyone looking to be active in their daily lives. Each week there will be a podcast featuring a wide range of athletes, event directors, injury specialists and wait for it... wait for it...

Bart Yasso! As the Chief Running Officer for Runner's World, an accomplished endurance athlete, author and one of the few people to have completed races on all seven continents it is real exciting to have a running ambassador of the sport participate in the weekly podcast.

The website will also have pages where you can view events taking place in each state and (this is where I come in) a weekly 2-3 minute recording about competitive events and happenings in each state. That's right, I'll be doing the recording for the state of California. I did my first recording last weekend and don't worry, it will get better. I guess you could say I have to get my podcast legs warm. But seriously, each week a representative in each state (called an Endurance State Reporter or E.S.R) will keep you up to date on events happening in your state. A broad spectrum of events will be covered from various running distances, triathlons, biking, swimming, walking, mountain climbing, trail running... you get the idea and if you are looking for something to do on the weekend or an event to strive for, the site will have the information for you broken down individually for each state on the podcast page.

The weekly podcast will be hosted by Jimi Minnema and Kattie Carpenter-Rosa. Each are accomplished endurance athletes in their own right and will provide news and features on running, swimming biking and other competitive sports along with health advice from leading professionals and interviews with elite runners to race directors to simply inspiring individuals such as Jerry (interviewed on this week's podcast). Jerry is currently stationed in Eastern Afghanistan and will be running 26 marathons and an Iron Man in 53 weeks to raise money for charity to support fallen soldiers and disabled veterans. Frequent appearances will also be made by an Injury/Prevention Specialist Terence Reuben, Athletic gear specialist Ben Pickel and others to help you improve or maintain your healthy lifestyle.

The site was launched this past weekend and the very first podcast was recorded; I'm listening to it right now actually and Diana Bertsch, the race director for the Ford Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii is being interviewed. So if you are looking for a start to your weekend or motivation, check out Pure Fit Radio online or on Facebook. I'm excited to be a part of it and will be keeping you posted for upcoming events in the state of California. While you're there, check out events happening in your state. Enjoy!


Twincerely,Olga said...

great post!! Just had to stop by!!

Anonymous said...

On your way to Hollywood???????? :) Great post looking forward to more of your broadcasting of events in our beautiful state of California! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Does PureFit Radio pay its contributors? How does Purefit work?

Pavement Runner said...

What I am doing for Pure Fit Radio, is unpaid. They asked me if I was interetsed in being the CA reporter and I thought it was a great opportunity.

If you are interested in helping out with Pure Fit Radio or have questions, you can contact them at PureFitRadio.com or via facebook.