First Run of 2010

Happy 2010!
Is that still cool to say or was that "so four days ago?" Either way, I decided to start off the new year with a run and with a game.

On Facebook Sunday morning I threw it out there for people to guess how many miles I would be running and reveal it in this morning's post. There were some very creative guesses. There were a couple 20.10 mile guesses to commemorate the new year, a guess combining the month (January = 1) and the date (3) to make 13, and a single guess that included the entire date (1+3+2+0+1+0) to equal 7 miles. While all those were creative guesses, sadly my goal distance was much more simple (and compared to those, mine seem lame). Similar to Price is Right rules, whoever had the closest guess without going over would win a prize. And the winner that came the closest without going over was... a past guest on the blog, Diana Pacheco. My total miles ran Sunday morning was 22.3 finishing slightly under 4 hours. With her guess of 22 miles, she is the winner. Congratulations and thanks for playing everyone.

Rationale behind the distance: 
I have the Arizona Rock n Roll marathon in less than two weeks and although this weekend should have been my taper run (nice guess Principessa, you would have been right) of 14 miles, but since my last long run had to be cut short to 18 miles, that left me with a 20+ run remaining. The run had some rough patches due to recent lack  of sleep, and there were some hills climbing up to 450 ft., but I was able to tough through it and log over 22 which was my goal. 24 would have been nice (and you would have had it Hannah), but cold weather, tired legs and a race coming up quickly resulted in better judgment.

Thanks for playing everyone. Hope you had fun. For those of you that missed out, check the blog's page out on Facebook (link to the right). Sometimes I have give-aways there that don't always show up on the blog. And again, Happy start to 2010.

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Pauline said...

I never win anything! Hearing you kicked butt in the RNR will be prize enough.