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Pure Fit Radio: Week of January 3, 2010

Talk about starting off 2010 with a bang. The second installment of Pure Fit Radio came out of the gates swinging... or running may be a better word. This week's show (available on podcast online) contained conversations with the usual suspects and the topics were phenomenal. It was almost as if they opened my head and said: "hey, this guy has a question, let's answer it for him." Here is a rundown of the show:

Hosts: Eric Bernard (in for Jimi Minnema) and Katie Carpenter-Rosa; Eric is recently back to the active-sport lifestyle and in his words: "represents a portion of the audience who plod and struggle and try real hard..."

The first conversation is with Bart Yasso, a member of the Running USA Hall of Champions among other things. With Bart's running 32 year running history (and stature), you would think he would have run every race he has ever wanted to... well news to me, there is one race he has always wanted to run. Bart is preparing to run The Comrades Marathon in South Africa. This 56 mile (and oldest) race is considered the "greatest" in the world among the running community and it was great to hear the passion in Bart's voice about an upcoming race. I can only hope after 32 years of running, the fire is still there. Run Strong Bart!

The next interview is with Patrick Rizzo, who is quickly gaining notoriety in the running world. He finished first in the Chicago Half-Marathon in 09 and was the third US male finisher in Boston (09) placing 15th overall and get this... eats deep dish pizza as a pre-race meal. "I'm the worst example of a diet." A really solid interview that is light hearted, yet very informative including Patrick's Olympic aspirations and experience last year when he was struck by a car and ran Boston eight weeks later.

Stretching! Love it or hate it, Injury Prevention Specialist Terence Reuben's segment takes a look at questions concerning stretching, when and why it is important and how to properly stretch. Flexibility is always a concern on my end and I was thrilled to get some advice on this matter. I enjoy stretching before and after a run and hearing Terence's recommendations and tips were helpful.

DEAN KARNAZES. Enough said (but I'm still going to say more). You can't miss an opportunity to hear Dean speak, especially when he is talking about what he is currently aspiring for... World Records! Yep, he is eyeing setting WR's in a sport you might not be familiar with and as we make goals for 2010, he has a goal in the works for 2011 that will encompass the entire year. I'm not going to spoil the fun, check it out online, its a great interview.

A second segment is held with Bart Yasso as he talks about new gadgets you may have received for the holidays and running books that are currently hot. He also reads a short section from his book: My Life on the Run.

The show closes with Athletic Gear Specialist Ben Pickel discussing the latest updates and innovations in the 2010 running footwear and the influence that the "barefoot running movement" is having on the industry.

Endurance State Reports: Throughout the show there will be short 2 minute reports from individuals around the US covering upcoming events held in a particular state. This week there were 3: Ohio (around 9:10), California (around 23:00) and Hawaii (around 32:00). Wait, what was that middle one... California? That's right. That's my voice. Imagine my surprise when I heard it the first time within the show (I record a report each week for the state, but each week a few states are selected and intertwined within the show). Don't forget each report can be listened to individually here and they are updated weekly. You can even view past reports. Most events that are covered are upcoming events, so you may find races that are still open for registration in past weeks. Simply click on the state and see what's going on in your neck of the woods.

Some of the people involved with the show experienced a recent loss of family and/or friends. Please keep kind thoughts and wishes for everyone that is placed in such an unfortunate circumstance. Thanks.

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