Asics Kayano Failure?

Yesterday I was sitting down after a 3-mile run with Mika and looked at my running shoes and noticed a dark spot... as I went to see what it was, I discovered it was a shadow being created by the upper part of the shoe and it's sole (see photo). As a "WTF" flew out of my mouth, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Just last weekend I was talking to (my coach and friend) Super Lori, about how this latest pair of Asics Kayano's haven't been fitting right and I was considering either finding a new shoe or searching out a previous model.

Here is a quick back story:
Except for the first 3 months, when I started running, I have been running in Asics shoes (specifically Kayanos) for my entire running life, almost 4 years. I typically run in whatever the last season's design was because they are usually cheaper to buy and I can get two pairs at a time. 4-years ago when I found my shoe, I was set. I could break open a new pair and log 15 miles without concern of needing to "break-in the shoe." I was "all in" with the Kayano running shoe and have never considered another pair over the last 4 years (OK, back to the story).

With this latest design, the Kayano 15s never really felt like the previous pairs. I don't know if there was a change to the toe box or shoe design (apart from the asymmetrical laces), but this pair has (occasionally) given me blisters when that had rarely happened in earlier models. I adore Asics. I ran my first marathon in Asics. I finally broke below 4:30 in Asics. I have run on trails, track and street in Asics. I have a pair on right now (GT-2140). Typically there are 4 pairs in my house at any given time, but the Kayano design is my running shoe. I don't feel confident in purchasing another pair of 15s (Gold shoes above). This pair IS six months old, but only have 360 miles on them. Range of shoes are typically 350-550 miles, but my previous Kayano's have survived more than these. They most certainly did not fall apart at the sole. 

I have a marathon in a week and luckily have a pair of Kayano 14s (photo above — which have been my fav., pair to date. I think I have bought at least 4 pairs) that I know have 26.2 still left in them. It's a good thing I make sure to have two working pairs. What's funny is those 14s should have been retired a couple months ago, but I was hesitant to buy another pair of 15s three months ago, BEFORE they started falling apart. Am I breaking up with Asics? Am I breaking up with just the Kayano design? Dare I try running in the new 16s? Or should I forgive this indiscretion as a one-time deal... Once a cheater, always a cheater?

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Christine said...

Whew... That is a tough call. I am an Asics lover myself... have always had the GT 2100 series... LOVED the 2140's of last year, but this year the 2150's are giving me blisters that I never struggled with before. That is my only complaint about my particular shoe of choice. I sympathize with you greatly... finding and loving a shoe is like a faithful marriage in our running lives... to have the relationship so compromised is disheartening. Give Asics a call, they may be willing to work with you, or cut you a deal if you give them another chance on the Kayanos. Let us know how it goes. I know MANY of us are Asics lovers.
Good Luck!