An Easy 10 with Kimmie Brown

When your race history includes events with the titles: Kohls Step-Up for Kids,  CPD Run to Remember,  Alternate Route: 8k Run for Youth, United Run for Zoo and Santa Claus Shuffle and you are fund raising for the Chicago Police Fund as a part of your first marathon... you definitely deserve to be highlighted on "An Easy 10 With..." Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce our fellow facebook friend, Kimmie Brown:

Kimmie Brown
Location: Chicago, IL
Race History:
JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles) 5/27/10
5k: 5
8k: 3
10k: 2 including Anti-violence run, 4/10/10
15k: Hot Chocolate Race Nov. 2009
Kohls Step Up for Kids 80 flights of stairs 1/31/10
Adidas Presents Soldier Field 10 mile race 5/29/10
Half-Marathon: Magellan Spring Half Marathon 5/16/10
Next Race: Half Marathon June 13, 2010

I started running... March 13, 2008, I was 100 lbs overweight and desperate to lose weight so I got off my fat butt and began to run.

When I am not running... I enjoy going to the beach, listening to music, watching the Family Guy and doing yoga.

One time I was on a long run.. near Soldier Field in Chicago and I got lost. I started to cry because it began to rain. It was these two creepy guys fishing, they guided me to the lakefront path.

I choose to run without... make-up. This is very hard, I have terrible eyebrows that always need to be filled in.

The question I am asked the most about running is... "Why Do I do it so much?" My response, "I don't do it enough, I am just at 25 miles a week, my goal 35."

Running is... orgasmic to me, it makes my body feel sooooo good. I fall in love every time I do it.

When I am on the road... I look for the first sidewalk, road or dirt trail I see so I can go for a run.

I wish other runners would not... slow down to take pictures that irks me. At least move over.

If I could run three miles with someone famous... I would choose Will Smith.

I am running my first marathon, CHICAGO, this fall, I am running with the Chicago Police Fund, please click here to donate.

* * * * 

Thank you Kimmie. It's great to read about all your running experiences on Facebook. You have had a busy May this year. Keep it up and keep running strong. Good luck in Chicago and enjoy it. Your first marathon is something you will always remember.

If you'd like to be a part of "An Easy 10 with..." please email me at pavementrunner@gmail.com.

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Great article and way to go Kimmie!