99 Days to Glory

It being Monday, it seemed like the perfect day to change things up a bit. Before I get to my announcement, I'd like to lay some ground work to serve as context for my decision.

I've been running for almost 4 years and have gone through some peaks and valleys in terms of my training. There have been injuries and back-to-back weekends running 20+ miles. This year has been filled with monthly races, but my training has taken a dip. Although that can be fun, I feel like I am missing out on several opportunities to get faster (through my own lack of training).

Part of this may have led to my current ITB injury... so how do I make a switch? Duh, by putting it out there on Facebook and allowing all of you to hold me accountable. 

So here it is: I will be spending the next 99 days (kicking my own ass) in training towards a 4-hour marathon (4:00-4:09). That's right. I have 99 days (starting yesterday, Aug.1) until the New York Marathon and I want to shave 20+ minutes off of my marathon PR in NY.

Here is the plan of attack:

Yes, sir! For the next 90 days, I will be working out every day with P90X. (for those unfamiliar, P90X is a 90-day extensive workout program coached via DVD). I have slacked the past year on my cross training and weight lifting, so this should get me re-focused on strength training and improve my core. Both will help the process of improving my running form and stride making me more efficient on the road.

Continue rehab on ITB
Over the weekend, I had my ITB worked on through some massage (similar to A.R.T. - active release techniques). I'm assuming I need one more session next weekend and should be all set to ease back into it. I'll also be receiving some acupuncture (more to follow on this).

Increased focus on quality running
This is largely predicated on my ITB recovery. It has been a month since I hurt it and I feel like I'm on the back end of the road to recovery. I'll run a mile this week, then ease back into increased weekly mileage culminating at the NY Marathon. Quality is the key word here. With 3-months to go and coming back from injury, every mile is going to have to count. No more "garbage miles."

Weight loss
Natural physics: a lighter object requires less force to move forward. I would not classify myself as over-weight, but could stand to shed a few pounds and "tighten" things up. I'll look to improve my diet and with the increased strength training and running, things should start to "disappear."

My current PR is 4:29. I'm looking to finish NY in the 4:00 to 4:09 bracket. It is doable, but will require a focused 3-month plan. The P90X program will be a large part of it, but working out doesn't equate to running faster. Over the next 99 days there will be many two-a-days and multiple showers to make sure I smell lemon fresh.

Since I began running 4-years ago, I have not been through a "rigorous" training program. Believe it or not, I've been getting faster by simply doing a couple mid-week runs and long runs on the weekend. So, I'm putting it on front street and leaning on all of you to help motivate me towards a life-long goal: a 4-hour marathon. In the (altered) words of Jay-Z: "I got 99 problems, but a marathon ain't one."


Becka said...

It's good to have goals, you can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Whenever you set your mind to something (in this case NY and 4 -4.09 PR)you always seem to accomplish your goals. SO GO GET THEM! JUST DO IT!

Manuel said...

I love you Brian, and I want you to succeed - but are one crazy guy!

Dropping 20 minutes from one race to the next is not easy task.

And you're picking New York for this task?

P90X Health Fitness Plan said...

He tells you, do push ups, you do them - you don't have to think about it. Workouts on my own are usually lackadaisical, I take longer and longer breaks or just decide it's time to hit the shower. Here he just lays it out, and no individual exercise is more than maybe 2 minutes, so you're always changing it up.