Wedding or Marathon?

55% of runnersworld.com readers say you can pick a marathon over a relative's wedding — if you signed up first. 

Wow. We love what we do, don't we? There has to be a joke somewhere using the term "Runaway Bride," I'm just not clever enough to come up with one. So, the question is: Would you choose a marathon over a relative's wedding? Well, a couple things go into the thought process here:

Are we talking about a cousin, uncle, sister or grandpa marrying a 30-year old blonde bombshell. Because some of those you just have to attend the wedding, no matter what.

Secondly, what marathon is it? ING New York, Nike Women's in San Francisco... because both of those are lottery drawn and difficult to get into. Is it a Rock n Roll Marathon that happens every year like clock work? Is it Boston?

Many things go into the thought process in making this decision. Unfortunately we don't know how in depth the 55% (or the 45%) put into their decision. Is there any situation that you would pick the race over the wedding? Is there any situation that you would choose wedding cake over cliff bars? My guess is that there are instances where both cases could be made.

Fortunately I've never had to make that decision. Perhaps if you attend the wedding and skip the race, the relative has to agree that if they ever get divorced, he/she has to run a marathon. Thoughts?


Dawn said...

I like that idea!!

Kimmie said...

This was a tough one. Honestly this seems super selfish, but I would probably choose the marathon if I wasnt in the wedding. I dont think they would miss me that much out of all the guest there.I would explain why I wasnt there as well as buy a gift as a token of my support. I missed my little brother's wedding because I had to get certified at work and he understood. So I am assuming that another family member would understand if I had to do something important.