Moo Race Expectations

This weekend, I'll be racing again. I haven't entered an event since the half in Oakland in March... four months later, the distance is the same, but the goal is different.

My training has put me in position to cruise in around 2:05-2:10. That's typically a comfortable pace for me, but in the back of my head is always a sub 2-hour finish. My PR lies just around 1:59 with no timing chip to confirm, only a Garmin. I ran 12 miles last Saturday and came in around 1:55, which would need some significant speed adjustment to add a mile in there. But it could be done with some added "umph" and a splash of "gusto."

Race: Davis Moo-nlight Half Marathon (link)
Start Time: 7 PM, that's right, night race

Here is some information provided by the race that got me pretty excited:

Half Marathoners who anticipate finishing with a time of 1:40 or later are advised to take precautions to make themselves visible in the dark. Sunset is estimated for 8:30 PM with dusk concluding at 8:50 PM. We will be distributing glow sticks on 32" lanyards at the fluid station at mile 10 to Half Marathoners who are on pace to finish 1:40 or later (at approximately 8:15 PM) They are recommended but optional.

I've run a few times in the dark, and I love it. My legs move faster, spirits are higher. It's like driving a stolen car. But this time I get to add glow sticks. LOL. Who doesn't love glow sticks.

I'll post my finish times over the weekend on FB and a race recap Monday morning, topped off with a big announcement. Looks to be a pretty exciting weekend.

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