Experiencing the Expo

Before a marathon, an Expo is held. It is almost like a convention style set up where there are multiple vendors that have products relevant to the sport. Such as clothing, shoes, food, drinks, watches and other accessories along with helpful tools including books, massage aids, running gels, injury prevention or support. There are also tables that include information regarding upcoming marathons, training programs, runner's diet plans, etc. And as if that weren't enough there are tables set up to offer framing options for your medal, photo, bib or anything else you may think of.

If you are planning to participate in an event and there is an Expo available (usually on a Friday and/or Saturday race weekend) then I would highly suggest that you plan to attend. They can answer any questions you may have about the event along with supply much needed instructions you may need to know for the race. This is also the place where most events plan for you to pick up your race bib and runner's packet. Packets usually include maps, event info, promotional pamphlets, discounts on future events and other free goodies.  And we runners, love free stuff, especially t-shirts.

Today, I attended the RunSF Expo and spent about an hour wandering around sampling different types of energy bars and drinks. I picked up my race bib, runner's dri-fit t-shirt and timing shoe tag. I also had the opportunity to meet a well known running legend, but I'm going to save that story for another day. I've been getting a lot of best wishes from fellow runners and friends... with the race 2 days away it always helps. Thanks guys (and gals).

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Anonymous said...

I find your blog very creative, intersting, and very informative. It's also encouraging and may inspire some interest in others who have been interested in taking "running" as a new experience.

Good luck tomorrow as your run the SFmarathon. Be safe and enjoy it.