Saturday: 9 Hours and the Invisible Man

Ok, so maybe it's not the invisible man, but that's what it looks like. In order to insure that I have everything I need from head to toe, I lay it out... Here is what I will need for Sunday's race:

A: Running sunglasses (polarized)
B: 2008 RunSF dri-fit shirt (Given to each participant)
C: Watch (to monitor pace)
D: Runner's bib
E: Running gloves (for the SF morning cold)
F: Runner's Belt (Holds water, Gatorade, gels, etc.)
G: iShuffle (see Tuesday's post)
H: Dri-fit running shorts
I: Running socks (with extra cushion where needed)
J: Shoe tag (Given to each participant) to track official course time attached to running shoes
K: Where Mika is sleeping while I post this.

It's 9:30 and I am off to get some rest. Wake up time: 4 AM.

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