The Hills Are Alive...

Saturday was a real test to see if I have fully recovered form the IT Band injury that plagued the last part of 2008. Hills, the arch nemesis of the IT Band injury, was on tap for Saturday's training run — a short 6 miles packed with hills going up and down through Pacific Heights. I'm glad to say that during the run, I felt strong and confident that I have taken the right steps to prevent any further IT Band Injuries. (knock on wood).

It was also the first test of the GPS watch through the streets of San Francisco. I have yet to figure out how to incorporate the intervals, but then again, I haven't really read the manual yet. I'll look into that this week so that I am ready for next weekend's 12 miler.

Also, I'm sure there is a way to look at the course online to see how fast each mile was ran. Right now, I am looking at it through MotionBased.com, which I have heard is more 'user friendly.' It gives me the average pace per mile, but would like to see how fast I ran mile 1, 2, 3, and so on. If you happen to know how to view that feature, please let me know via the comments section. A couple friends of mine have the same watch and use MotionBased, so I may tap into their expertise. But, here is how my 6 miles through the hills looked:

Total Time: 1:01:21
Pace: 9:59
Distance: 6.14
Elevation (ft.): +2,585 / -2,596

So, there it is, the first real look at how the training run went. Pretty cool, especially considering I haven't really tapped into all the features the watch can provide. Sorry for 'geeking out' in this post, but I thought I might share. Later in the week, I'll be posting about getting ready for the first race in 2009 which is a couple weeks away, until then, run strong.

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Brianna said...

Glad to see that you are running strong - and having fun all the while! It is fun to see others geek out with their running accessories like my husband does (he is a computer geek through and through, so his Garmin is his best running buddy). Makes me feel a bit more normal . . .