The Invisible Man III

The invisible man has returned. This is the third appearance of the invisible man and just in time for my third run of the Kaiser Half in Golden Gate park. Often times prior to a race, I'll lay out all my gear for the following morning to make sure I have everything I need — hence it looking like the invisible man.

From top to bottom:
White dri-fit long-sleeve shirt
Bib #2149
Garmin Forerunner 305 
Adidas 3-stripe dri-fit pants
Gu (2x) Chocolate & Espresso
Sport Beans (Cherry)
Dri-fit socks
Asics GT 2130
Shoe Tag for Official Race time

Not shown: 
iPod Shuffle (charging)
iPhone (in pocket)
The energy needed for a PR

So there you have it — everything I need to run the half-marathon tomorrow. I usually run in shorts, but I picked up these pants after an Urban Run with Adidas a couple months ago and they have now become my favorite pair. I'll also be running in a never-worn pair of socks. They are made by Asics and are the same kind I always run in.  I love running in a pair of fresh socks — there is something about a never-worn pair that feels so good. 

Above is the course map and it's a pretty fast route, so I have high hopes. Tonight, I'll be having a mini-pasta party dinner with some running friends and hope to feed off their energy for tomorrow. Be on the look out for a race report post race (and post Super Bowl). If you see the invisible man out there on the course, be sure to give a shout-out. 


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