Return to Nike RunClub

In less than half an hour, I will be taking part in what used to be a weekly ritual for me: Nike RunClub. Last year, I would run most Wednesdays with the weekly night run that NikeTown in SF hosts. As for this year, I just haven't been able to keep it in my schedule.

Well, that time is over and I am committing to it again! With my work schedule changing to 9-6, it works out perfectly since RunClub starts at 6:30. Call it a blessing in disguise, call it the Run Gods telling me to get my butt back in shape (literally, cuz my jeans are getting a little snug.)

Downside of running high mileage, you just feel plain lazy during the week. Both before and after. I have a huge-ly ginormous, mucho-importante 24-miler this weekend. It will be a true gauge as to how I will fare at Big Sur in (gulp) three weeks. But more of that to come later in the week. Right now, it is NIKE TIME! Yep, Nike time in my Asics. Sorry Nike, I wear Asics.

Run Strong everyone!

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Anonymous said...

You can do it...Just do it (nike's moto) I think you are very dedicated to your running and wish you good luck at Big Sur! Got confidence you'll do just fine! With your change in work hours the gods' are telling you get back on schedule!!!