Running Together

Last night, I was thinking of enjoying an easy 3-5 mile run. But one of the perks of running with friends is that they can increase your energy and get you to run harder or longer than originally planned. Both good things.

7.7 miles later at a 9:20 pace I arrived back at the Adidas store. When I arrived at the store earlier we were presented with the option of a 4-mile run or a 7.5-mile route. I thought four felt too short, and 7+ felt too long. A running buddy of mine asked me which I would choose and what my pace would be. She was interested in a 10 min pace, and I was looking to see if I could maintain a quicker pace for a longer distance. We were both on the fence about the longer distance unsure of what we would do.

Minutes later two other runners came by us and said 7.5, let's go and motioned towards us to join them. Done. Our decision was made. Neither of us were sure we wanted to run that long on a Monday after work, but that is what running friends can do; they help you get to where you
might not have gone alone.

Every weekend I train with an amazing group of runners and sometimes I rely on them to pull me along and other times it may be me that is asked to help pull a runner that might not be feeling it that day. Here is another runner, and fellow blogger, that recently had an experience in running with friends. (Girl Who Loves to Run)

Try it out, the next time you have a run scheduled on the weekend, invite some friends to join you. Then afterwards you can enjoy breakfast or brunch. Maybe it will be you that has to help motivate others, but runner's karma will always help you out when you need it.

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Brianna said...

So did you read my post about running with a group?? I wrote it yesterday, of all things! :)

Hooray for group runs - I'm now a believer!