Mika: Official Training Buddy

My training buddy, Mika, is starting her journey back to 5 miles. For the last 8 weeks she has been  on doctor ordered house rest with very little physical activity, but last week she was given the approval to return to normal activity.

This last weekend it included long walks, chasing her sisters and lots of swimming. Sunday when she came home she was so tired, she passed out in her bed downstairs with her stuffed monkey and last night didn't even try to jump on the bed; instead she laid on her blanket at the foot of the bed (yes, she is extremely babied)

But now it is time for me to get her back into true form. Her goal distance is 5 miles. Normally she enjoys waking up with me at 5am and squeezing in some miles before (my) work. When I wake up in the morning and she sees me grab my Asics she jumps out of bed and wags her tail. But if I grab my Adidas or Jordans, she doesn't move and goes back to sleep knowing we are not running. SHE KNOWS. (That is her in the image above being a bum and sleeping in.)

We ran a mile last night when the sun went down and we'll slowly build back up to 5 miles. Just like us humans, she'll have to build her mileage back up after a long break. She is my little trooper and my running buddy. Always ready to head out the door and pound the pavement at any time night, day or dusk.

You can also visit her dogster page for additional fun with Mika. :)

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kara said...

Wonderful heartfelt post. I used to run with a dog - I still miss him.