National Running Day 2009

Today is the inaugural National Running Day and was created as "a national initiative whereby many of the major organizations within the running industry are joining forces in an unprecedented unified effort to nationally and locally promote running as a healthy, easy, and accessible form of exercise."

In other words, running is good for you and you should give it a try. 

The National Running Day Website  lists 7 reasons to run and although they are facts, I wasn't to terribly impressed. If I was not a runner or was interested in starting to run — reading their seven reasons wouldn't sway or motivate me one way or the other. 

So I propose a different approach:

If you can give me three reasons you run, continue to run or want to try running (in the comments section below), I'll mail you a (small) token as a sign of thanks and something that will hopefully get you out there or continue to get you out there.

I will have to place it in the mail so if you would like to receive the small gift, please email me a mailing address at pavementrunner@gmail.com

If you are concerned that you will end up on some mailing list or receive literature in the mail from me, then thank you for thinking that I could afford such a venture. But sadly it is not true. I don't even send out email blasts about new posts, so trust me you won't be receiving unexpected snail mail. However, if you list your three reasons and send me your email address, I can give you a portion of the gift... after all, you should be rewarded for living (or looking to live) a healthy lifestyle. I like to think that runners lead by example. 
Happy National Running Day!


Anonymous said...

1. It is my therapy. I love to just run and let it all go if you know what I mean
2. I run to stay in shape
3. I run because I was encouraged as a child to start long distance running. I ran my first race at age 8 and never looked back. I did stop competing in my twenties. But after all that I have gone through I just looked back and remembered that running was my passion growing up and I needed to return to that once again.
Ok there it is in a not so succinct way...LOL

mbiff56 said...

1. I run to keep myself healthy and lose weight,
2. I run to be outside, to achieve new goals,set PR's and make myself proud
3. I run to see peoples faces when i tell them about the things i do for fun. Non runners don't understand when you say things like "this weekend i ran a trail half marathon at a ski resort"