An Easy 10 with Diana Pacheco

Going into the weekend, many of you may have long runs. Me, I have a 21+ on Saturday, so I figured the best way to prepare was with An Easy 10 with...

Name: Diana Pacheco
Location: Norwalk, Ca.
Race History:
5k: 19(?) 22:37 @ 34 y/o
10k: PR 39:00 @ 17; 46:22 @ 34
Half Marathon: PR 1:36 @ 17; 1:43.07 @ 35
Full Marathon: 5 (6 in December) PR adult 4:15:14 (I ran my first marathon at age 15 in 1989 and my 2nd in 1990. I didn’t run another marathon until 2007 — at the end of this year, I will have completed 3 in one year!)
Duathalon 1
HS Track:
400 M 59.
800 M 2:19
1600 5:30
300M hurdles 44.4

I started running... when I was in elementary school. I loved racing around the playground sprinting as fast as I could go. In 4th grade, I was the fastest girl in my school. I have always loved running. I have run pretty much most of my life although from 1992 - 1998 I wasn’t able to run — in Dec. of 1991, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which is a digestive disease. In 1 month I dropped from a healthy 135 pounds to an enfeebled 93 pounds all on my 5’5 frame. I barely felt like eating and had no energy to do anything, I also had severe anemia and required quite a few blood transfusions over the years. I was miserable not being able to run and during one of my hospital stays after 2 weeks in bed, my muscles began to atrophy. I had my mom help me up and decided I would take a lap around the nurse’s station. It was the hardest lap I would ever take. I was so exhausted and weak, but as slow as I was I made it around and back into bed. I think back on those times now and know the hard road it took to become healthy again and how hard it was to first walk before I could run again. Running has always been in my blood and despite my roller coaster health issues I continue to run because I do, I just love it!

When I'm not running... I spend time with my 12 year old son Anthony — although he does train with me by riding alongside me on his bike on long training runs. We love to go to movies and go on day trips to San Diego or Santa Barbara. I also love working Sudoku puzzles, cryptograms and crossword puzzles.

One time when I was on a long run... in Mammoth, I saw a family of bears — a mama and cubs, they were so cute… but not cute enough to get too close!

I choose to run without... drama. I like to leave it all behind and enjoy being outdoors without work or home issues bogging me down.

The question I am asked most about running is... why do you run so much?

After an event or tough run... I love to eat a nice big meal with friends, shower and take a long nap!

Running is... like air.

When I'm on the road... I wish that I were out on the trails instead! Nothing beats trail running!

I wish other runners would... not always wear their iPods so they can hear me when I say, “Hi!” and say, “hi” back.

If I could run 3-miles with someone famous, it would be... Edward Norton. I heard he just ran the New York Marathon for charity, also because he is an amazing actor! And it doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome!

* * * * * *
Thank you Diana. Your road (or trail) that you have taken to and from running is truly amazing and inspiring. We hope you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and if you pass me out there and I do have my iPod on, I'll be sure to throw a "Hi!" your way with a nod. :) And yes, Edward Norton did recently run the NY Marathon (3:48). Here is a link for the charity he is running for: Massai Marathon.

If you'd like to be a part of "An Easy 10 with..." please email me at pavementrunner@gmail.com.


J said...

Diana, I'm so proud of you...I am honored to know first hand what an amazing person you are. You truly know what it takes to be a REAL, GENUINE Soul...you prove it every day because you're an amazing mother, caring teacher and really know what matters in life. You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you. Enjoyed reading your story on here...I love you Miha :)
Aunt Jessie :)

sudoku online said...

I like running but I'm always exhausted after 10 minutes. I really need a good training :)