An Easy 10 with Liz Weed

After being back from vacation (post coming soon) it is time to get in "An Easy 10." Allow me to introduce: Liz Weed.

Liz Weed
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Race History for 2009:
January: Phoenix Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon
March: Shamrock Run (4 mile race)
May: Indianapolis 500 Mini Half-Marathon, San Diego Rock-N-Roll Marathon — I ran the marathon injured and well... now I am trying to heal up for a half marathon in November.

I started running... when I was 8yrs old. I did my first 5K at that time and was hooked.

When I'm not running, I... am taking care of my three children and my disabled mother. I am an RN and volunteer my time in this area as well. I also help coach middle school track. I love to travel and plan some of my trips around races.

One time when I was on a long run... I got lost. I decided to run from my home and then through the next town using back country roads. I didn't check my Garmin for battery power and it died mid run. Being stubborn I just kept running but realized I was pretty lost after an hour of running and not recognizing any of the roads. Thankfully I had a working cell phone. I have no idea how many miles I ran that day. My best guess was 20 miles. Lesson learned.

I choose to run without... people. I prefer to run alone. I will on occasion run with one friend but she knows I am not a talk and run type of person. I like to run with her because she can set the pace faster and I help her maintain that pace.

The question I am asked most about running is... "Where do you run?" Indianapolis is not known for having great trails. I usually run on the roads. I live outside the city and in an area that has a lot of country roads that are quite hilly. I also run at a state park near me called Eagle Creek State Park. I actually run to it and then hop on a trail and eventually run home. In the winter I run at my health club. I am not a winter running girl. I do not like the cold and it is too dark in the mornings to run outside. Did I mention the cold???

After an event or tough run, I... usually try and walk a few miles. It always helps. After San Diego we walked through downtown. The next day we went hiking at Torrey Pines. Seems to be a faster recovery for me that way. I also get a massage.

Running is... my Therapy. No doubt I have solved many of my dilemma's through running. If I had a problem in high school I would put on my shoes and go for a run. In College, if I was tired from studying I would go on a run and feel refreshed. For me it isn't about how fast I go or how far. I run to clear my mind.

When I'm on the road... I put on my iPod and tune everything out around me.

I wish other runners would... I really don't wish other runners would do anything different. I can attest that the running community is far more compassionate then any group of people I have come across. When my mom had her accident the most supportive group was and still is her running group. She has a group called the ladies of the morning. They give me respite breaks and call and write her consistently. One of them, 75 years young, is coming in November to do a half marathon with me. So maybe I wish their attitudes would rub off on others.

If I could run 3-miles with someone famous, it would be... I think it would be fun to run with a sitting president. I want to know what he or she (someday right?) is thinking and how they plan to direct the country. My mom had this happen when I was around 9 years old. She was at a metro park in Ohio. All of a sudden a group of men surrounded her on the trail. She ended up running with senior Bush. In our small town (Milbury,Ohio) it was big news. I think he was V.P at the time campaigning for president.

Liz is also on Facebook and can be found on the link or via search: Liz Weed.

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Thank you Liz. Hope you are recovering well from your injury and we look forward to your continued success out there on the road... just remember to charge your Garmin the night before. :)

If you'd like to be a part of "An Easy 10 with..." please email me at pavementrunner@gmail.com.

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Great post! Liz, your mom's group of running ladies sounds fabulous!