Miles for Everyone

We have a fairly large running group of friends and finding a distance for everyone can sometimes be a challenge. With many of our runners at various stages of training for an event, the desired distances can be

Luckily, the people that have been planning our runs and mapping the logistics, have got it down to routine. As Montell Jordan said, this is how we do it:

  • Pick a starting location.
  • Plan what distances will be offered (ours this weekend will be 16, 10.5 and 5)
  • Choose a number of loops based on number of distances available (for us, 3)
  • Then choose the routes that loop back to the starting point.
  • Factor in average pace times and figure out starting times.
We generally use 10 min miles and those that run faster take the downtime to stretch, refill water, etc. Those that want to run 16 start at 7... at a 10 min pace, we loop back to the starting point in an hour to meet the 10.5 group, then do another loop at the same pace and come back to meet the 5 mi. group. Having fresh legs at the final loop can really push the group, especially for those of us running the longer distances. That gives a starting option every hour, 7, 8, 9 with (generally) a 5-6 mile loop.

The loops also do not have to be the same. You can map out three entirely different routes as long as they circle back to the starting point. This makes it easier for parking and runners can store food, clothes or water in their car to use as needed. Also since we all end at a central location, we gather at a nearby Peet's and enjoy coffee/pastry/juice and socialize how amazing we are to be up so early on a Saturday. OK, that's not what we talk about... but everyone is thinking it. Right?

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