Rule 1.44 — Once a Week, Run Naked

For those of you that would like to take the title of this post literally, these races are for you:

Skinny Dipper Sun Run

But in the Runner's Rule Book, by Runner's World, the title refers to running free of technology. It suggests running once a week free of your running watch, GPS, mp3 player, heart rate monitor, etc. Simply run for the sake of running and set your mind and body free from all distractions.

This is not something I practice, but am not opposed to it. I know the distances of most of my routes and have a general idea of how far I have gone based on my typical pace. But maybe the point is to not have an idea. Maybe the point is to go out there and run free of the worries about "how far you've gone" or "how fast your pace was."

Perhaps that's the point of running "naked" once a week. To tap into how we ran and played as children... because we wanted to. We weren't training for a PR at our next event or trying to qualify to run a different race. The idea is to run and listen to your body, free of Lady Gaga singing in my ear and the beeps at every mile. Free of checking my pace to see if I need to run faster or slower, even if it is a short distance or an easy run.

Not to mention, for the rest of the day you get to tell people you ran naked. The look on their face may be enough to give it a try, at least once.

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Anonymous said...

This is how i began running... i think it was the only way i knew i wasnt dying... i could still hear myself breathing and my feet hitting the pavement. Gave me the motivation to keep going. I agree... I LOVE RUNNING NAKED!!!