Rule 1.37 — Running at night is underrated

"First of all, it's not that dangerous if you do it right."
Runner's Rule Book

That is the most important line. Running at night is a wonderful thing. With the relay a couple weeks ago, I enjoyed a 3 am 5 mile run up hill and through quiet residential neighborhoods. I was equipped with a head lamp, reflective vest, and blinking red light on my shoulder. Not to mention the already present reflective strips on my Adidas pants and Asics shoes. Basically, I was a giant Christmas tree if flashed with car lights.

When running at night, our senses can be heightened simply due to the fact it is dark. The same can be true for drivers. During the day, our reflective lining on clothes and shoes have little effect. At night they work like a gem. Benefit for the runner and driver. Not to mention roads are often quiet because everyone is sleeping and if you choose to run in a residential neighborhood, the street is yours (with caution). Running in parks or secluded trails would not be the best.  Common sense may be your best friend. If you feel scared or in danger there may be a reason.

When you are flying through the streets, with no one around you, no cars, no noise... it is like you are the only person in the world enjoying what it has to offer. You run just a little bit faster and your feet glide just a little bit higher off the ground. You are focused on what is in front of you and there is nothing to distract  you. Running at midnight may be a little late for many of you, but the later it gets, the less distractions there are. Think about a 9 pm run compared to a 1 am run and the number of people on the road. Can't sleep? Don't. Throw on your shoes, reflective gear and sneak in 30 min. jaunt while everyone is sleeping.

Have you ever run at night? If so, tell us about it, was your experience good or bad?


Becka said...

I have never run at night, and have only run when it's dark a handful of times. If nothing else, I'd like to do it because it's not as hot!

kara said...

I've run in a couple of Midnight races along well lite paths. And I used to run before sunrise...
But my night vision has faded - so stick to daylight runs now.
PS> I would never make a good vampire.
Great post!