A photographic run

With my this weekend's run, I decided to have some fun and photograph my journey. Sure that meant taking a 1-2 minute break mid-run to dig out my phone, snap a photo, tweet it, then resume running, but my I was willing to make that sacrifice for the sake of twitter-dom.

And I haven't run over 13.1 miles since February, so striving for 16 was going to be a journey on it's own.

I used a hash for those that wanted to follow along, #Sunday16, but I also want to share with my non-twitter readers or those that may have missed it. Here we go. Text below the photo's is what I Tweeted out with the photo.

"If I sit by his running shoes, then he has to take me, right?"

Couldn't resist the pup's face, so I took her for 3 miles, dropped her off, heading for remaining 13

I always see this hill, parallel to my normal route. Today I'll go up it.

Mailbox! How long will we still be using these? Timeless? Something to think about over the next few miles.

Where I married my wife a little over 6 years ago. Heather Farms Rose Garden, Walnut Creek.

Still Thanksgiving on my run. 11.38 miles, home stretch. Gobble Gobble.

Up the hill. Pay attention WC Half Marathoners, this is your future. It goes higher after the bend.

Sometimes you have to listen to the signs and your body. 15.5 miles and done.

There is my photo journey. I fell short, which gives a little humor to my #Sunday16 hashtag, but it was too late to change it to #Sunday15.5 — which looks funny, so forget it. Thank you to everyone that responded along the way. I definitely recommend giving this a try on your next run. Most cell phones have cameras, so it's an easy point and shoot. I found myself looking around a lot more as I ran.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea, but I almost never bring my phone or camera on my runs. Then I find myself thinking "oh that would be a great photo, wow I wish I had my camera" so maybe I'll just pick a dedicated photo run one of these days. So many pretty places to run in the Bay Area. Plus your pup is completely adorable :) thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

beautiful leaves/trees! I wish we had an actual fall down here. the pup is cute!

Andie Marie said...

What an awesome idea! I'll have to do this on one of my runs when I'm back from injury. I run with my iphone, just forget to take photos. All the photos made me miss home and change of season! Beautiful!

A said...

I have been using those blue mailboxes my entire time in SF. I don't know of anyone who truly has a mailbox at their house in The City. Seems like postal workers drop mail off, but they don't pick anything up. I can't see them disappearing (at least not in The City) anytime soon.

Great run!

Jeffro said...

I always run with my phone because I use @RunKeeper and just for safety in case I have to bail or need help. Should take more photos. Thought of just recording it all in HD movie but that would take a lot of space but I might get the plates of the folks who toss stuff at me! LOL!

Beth said...

Hah...I linked over from your comment on somone's post about the WC run yesterday and ended up reading this post. We are a fam of 5 runners who, being vague here...live off of Pine Hollow....so your pictures are some of our normal run spots.
Well, we dont' "normally" run the hill, but the college and HF park, yes.
Hope you nailed your goal yesterday. How about all those angry motorists on Ygnacio?? Crazy.
It was my daughters first 10k, I told her the honking was for her.