US Half - a photo recap

Here are some photos from the US Half last weekend (11/6). Enjoy!

Me at the finish line! (Sorry, start with the good one, right?)

Ok, now we'll go chronologically… The start line (taken by FB friend Claudia)

The back (of the out and back) on the Golden Gate Bridge, somewhere between mile 8 and 9 …apparently there is a plane above me, what else would I be pointing at?

Coming off of the bridge, around mile 10 …that plane must be following me, I'm pointing at it again! Still have the arm sleeves on.

The look of relief crossing the finish line. Shaved off almost a minute and a half off my half marathon time. Sleeves have been rolled down. Think that happened around mile 12-13.

Me, post race with my earth friendly re-usable water bottle. Think of all the plastic water bottles not being used and not being thrown away. Nice job Project Sport. (photo taken again, by Claudia)

And finally, Claudia and I… finish line behind us.

Blogger reader and FB friend, Niko and I, post race.

Ana, Claudia and I with a group photo. As you can see, we don't have finisher medals due to an error with the company making them. Apparently they shipped April 2012's medals… oops. But it's okay, we all ran strong races and look happy! That's what counts.

* * * * * *

Thanks to everyone that wished congratulations on Twitter and Facebook… it was a tough race, but that makes the PR that much sweeter.

And am I the only one that likes making funny faces, opening their mouth and pointing at planes during photos?

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Stephanie said...

You always take such great race photos!

Paulette said...

I also do silly things for the camera, my staple being 'jazz hands.' And of course the open mouth smile.