Becoming FitFluential

If you are on twitter as much as I am, you've probably noticed hash tags that say #fitfluential or seen the official twitter handle @fitfluential

It's not just a clever way to tag your workout, athletic lifestyle or nutritional recommendations. It's a nationwide network of fitness enthusiasts called FitFluential. It was founded by Kelly Olexa in April of this year to help motivate and inspire others. A lot of us bloggers got started looking to not only reach out to others, but to catalogue our journey and self-inspire from current and past experiences. We put our thoughts or challenges down and embrace the community that welcomes us as we share stories similar to theirs with motivation and inspiration flowing both ways. Better to give than to receive? Yes, but it can be both.

I'm proud to announce that I was asked to join the FitFluential Ambassador team. What does this mean? It means I'm joining a network of highly influential people with various areas of interest. From runners, to bloggers, to nutritionist, to yogis, to people interested in keeping a fit lifestyle. I'm happy to join the team and look forward to additional opportunities (through working with brands) and information (through working with other FitFluential Ambassadors) I'll be able to share with you in the future.

Here is my official page. Yep, that's my name and photo. Weird, right?

So, does this mean my holiday list just increased 10 fold?

Feel free to share in the comments how you maintain a fit lifestyle or ways you wish you could improve upon it..


Alisyn said...

Awesome! Congrats!!!

Michele @nycrunningmama said...

Awesome, Brian!! Congrats! Looking forward to working with you =)

courtney (pancakes and postcards) said...

I'm a FitFluential Ambassador too! And yet I still haven't met you. This is ridiculous.