Project: Birthday Bart

Fantastic idea... well, I came up with it, so of course I would think it's fantastic. Let's see if you agree with me.

Bart Yasso, Runner's World's Chief Running Officer, is celebrating his (insert number here) birthday this Saturday, Dec. 17. As a birthday present, we should let Bart know how much he means to the running community.

Challenge for Bloggers:

Schedule a post on what Bart means to you. It doesn't have to be long, it can be a quick write up on how Bart has affected your life. Maybe you met him at an expo, maybe he sent you a congratulations after an event, or a good luck message before. Perhaps you read his book and it motivated/inspired you to run a few miles. Or, more than likely, you have screamed his name (in frustration or excitement) while running Yasso 800's during your training. If you have one, include a photo of yourself with the running icon.

Challenge for Readers and non-bloggers:

Leave a comment on my post Friday (or below now) on how Bart has affected your life. Bart has done so much for the running community, let's take a few seconds and let him know how much we care and appreciate him.


Twitter users: So that we can all enjoy your stories, please use the hashtag #BirthdayBart when sharing and also be sure to tag him. @BartYasso

Facebook users: Tag Bart in your post or share it on his wall for all to read. Bart's FB page

I'll have my post up and ready to go Friday morning. Let's help promote this so we can show Bart how much he means to us. Please RT this or share on Facebook.


inspirunning said...

great idea!!!!

Bonnie said...

Super cute! Here's what I tweeted:

"Moment I felt like a legit runner? Wasn't my 1st race. Twas' when I was able to explain what Yasso 800s R to others #birthdaybart @bartyasso"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea to me!

Nordic Moxie said...

Here is mine...

Italian Moxie said...

Here's mine:
Moment I felt like a legit runner?
When Bart congratulated me on my masters win at Western States 100. He said in the old days his goal was to be the male masters winner of WS but hsi new goal was to sleep with the female masters winner.