2011, A Year of Halfs… Halves?

With 2011 coming to close, I wanted to take look back at this year's events. This was the first calendar year (since I began running in 2006) that didn't include a Full Marathon… hence the title: A Year of Halfs. Let's take a look at my journey down the 13.1 mile road. Enjoy.

Half Marathon: 2:29
Quick Recap: I ran this purely for fun dressed as the Incredible Hulk. Loved all the photos (see below), but those hands got super heavy after a few miles.

Half Marathon: 1:51* (12.2 miles due to course error)
Quick Recap: Other than being on pace for a PR and missing a whole mile due to a mistake by the event, it was fun. I was "all in" once I heard it was a night race with a glow-in-the-dark shirt and medal.

Half Marathon: 2:06
Quick Recap: After some technical errors with my garmin and bonking around mile 10, my day was pretty much over. Highlights include high-fiving Brian Wilson, finishing inside Giants' stadium, taking a finishers photo with my mom and friends, and of course the Tim Lincecum bobble head.

Half Marathon: 1:59
Quick Recap: Thanks to Alyssa, I was able to run this race for the 5th year in a row. I gave it my all and finished with my first official sub 2-hour time.

US Half (1), November
Half Marathon: 1:58
Quick Recap: A solid time on a challenging course. Also shaved a minute off my finish time from a month earlier, met some great runners and snagged the first half to my 2-piece medal.

5k: 50:25 (PR)
Quick Recap: A great way to spend Thanksgiving morning. Walked the course with my mom and enjoyed every minute of it. Although I was sore afterwards… walking fast sure does a number on the calves.

Half Marathon: 1:54 (PR)
Quick Recap: A great end to a busy 3 months. With PRs in October and November at the half distance, it made sense to do it again for December. Shaved 4 minutes off my time on another challenging course and concluded my journey in the Northern California Half Marathon Series.

As part of the Northern California Half Marathon Series, by racing 4 (pre-selected) races, I was awarded an extra medal. They've expanded the series for 2012, adding in Southern California races and including many that participated in the inaugural 2011 series.

Thank you to everyone that gave me the extra motivation, inspiration and support that I needed to make 2011 a successful running year. I'm enjoying the newly found speed at the shorter distances and hope to carry that into 2012. Cheers.

I'd love to hear how your 2011 running year went in the comments.

What was your favorite race of the year?


RunEatRepeat said...

I love halfs or halves. Both really.

distance66 said...

Ran 2 halves this year...Dallas Rock and Roll in March and Heels, Hills, and Him in September. I plan to do 4 or 5 in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the PRs! I only actually ran 1 half in 2011 (Run for the Green, Davidson, MI; 1:49), but already have a few planned (2 or 3 in March alone). I will definitely make it out that way and try the Oakland half eventually, especially after reading your praises.

Best of luck for more PRs in 2012!

VeronikaR said...

Great job!! Are you aiming for another year of PRs in 2012?? I only did one half in 2011 but plenty of 10Ks. There are all ready two halfs ( halves) on the schedule for 2012 hope I can bring it and PR like you did. :)

SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said...

What a year! I ran most of 2011 injured (did not exactly realize it at first) so that was kind of a bummer. Got to get to planning my epic comeback though!

Heather Montgomery said...

what a great year! congrats!
I ran 5 halfs this year!