Sure, Why Not?

Quote from blog post 2/9/10:
"When we finished, I said that I was retiring from Ultra's for awhile, most likely the rest of the year. I've done two in the last six months and would like to focus on getting faster in the Marathon distance and although (really) long slow runs can help, I think I'll focus on tempo runs, track work and 20+ distances."

Yep, that's what I wrote a couple months ago after finishing a muddy 50k Ultra in Woodside with some friends. I felt like I was done with these Ultra's in the mountains. A day later, we (the four of us that ran the Woodside Ultra) were conversing via email about another Ultra in April, but only doing the marathon distance. Here is how I responded:

"I'm leaving my calendar open for a couple weeks to decide what I'm going to do... but keep me posted. I'm sure I can be talked into running anything. And if we do it, might as well tack on the extra flippin' 5 miles."

As you can see, it doesn't take much suggestion for me to pull a Brett Frave or a Michael Jordan and un-retire.

This weekend, I'll be running Skyline to the Sea, a 50k from Saratoga to (just North of) Santa Cruz. Lori, who I have mentioned before, is looking to burn some stress and let it all out over a 31 mile adventure... and who am I to let her enjoy all the fun all by herself? So when she asked me last month, I told her that if I felt good and healthy after Oakland, that I would run it with her. Sure, why not.

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