Top 10 List: Ultra Marathons

Here are the top 10 things I can expect from this weekend's Ultra Marathon "Skyline to the Sea":

10. 31+ miles of mixed feelings
Including, but not limited to: excitement, fatigue, delirium, joy, relief, anxiousness and laughter

9. Amazing aid stations
Pop tarts, salted potatoes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and soda... all provided by Pacific Coast Trail Run's aid stations. If you ha vent had a sip of soda during a long run, you are missing out. (of course, soda can be an issue if you are concerned with time — this is not the case.)

8. Crazy socks
I'm sure there is a proper name for these, but I'm calling them crazy socks because they look fun (and practical, they keep rocks/debris out of your shoe). Sadly I wont be wearing any.

7. Close calls
My first Ultra last year, Lori fell. My second Ultra earlier this year, I fell. We will both be running this event together — hoping neither of us bite it.6. A visor
I'll be rocking my newly purchased visor this weekend (actual visor above — purchase here). The irony is that I purchased it from Road Runner sports and will have worn this twice... both times on a trail run.
5. Speed. Not by us. LOL. We will be running this thing with a goal to finish. Sure there may be some quick miles where we kick it into second gear, but those may be few and far between, but there will be some speed definitely put on display by other runners with a net downhill course.

4. New York conversation
I got into the ING NYC marathon earlier this month and Lori ran it for the first time last year. At some point during our 6+ hour excursion, I will pick her brain on what to expect. Look out Meb, I'm coming for you in November.

3. Finishing my third Ultra
I can't believe that I will be attempting to finish my second Ultra this year and third in the last 8 months. Just finish baby!

2. Potty mouths
As the miles rack up, I expect that Lori and I will freely be throwing around adult words during random topic conversations and laughing hysterically.

1. A coaster
(photo above, I found online, not my coaster) What's cool about PCTR events, is that all finishers get a coaster. Not a coaster medal, but a square coaster with the event title, date and logo. This will be my third, so I almost have a full set each with individual designs and separate memories. I love medals, but it's always nice to have something different. Of course, these are for display... not for use. :) C'mon.

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