Relay Supply List

What do you bring with you when you decide to be part of a relay team covering almost 200 miles? Let me tell you.

Note: This is what I am carrying. This does not include supplies being brought by fellow runners, such as headlamps, food, drinks, etc.

Technical Running Shirts (Count 5)
3 are to run in, the other 2 are our team shirts (one from this year and one from last year). Team shirts will be worn throughout the weekend for cheering on our team

Running Shorts (Count 2)
My first run should start around 4:30 so shorts should be fine. My last run is in the afternoon, so shorts should also be fine.

Running Pants (Count 1)
My middle run (of the 3) is in the pitch black of night... which means cold. So I will be running in pants. I also prefer running in pants for some reason, so this works out perfect. Pants also include reflective strips, perfect for running in the dark

Cotton Shirts (Count 2)
One is from a good facebook friend, Paige, it reads: RunDuvall. She gave it to me last year. She is the RD for Duvall Days Fun Run (in Washington) and the other is from a Hit the Road Jack 10k I ran last year. For some reason wearing running event shirts at a running event makes sense to me.

Jacket (Count 1)
Complete with hood. It's an ESPN jacket I purchased in Las Vegas. There is a great story behind this jacket if you allow me to digress... I was in New York, New York Casino and they have an ESPN store. I saw a jacket I liked, but it was $75 and for me, that seemed like alot. So I made a deal, if I took my $60 and played it in gambling, and won enough (no logic considering if I lost the original $60, I could have had a jacket for $15 more), I would purchase it. About an hour or so later and $100 (plus my original $60) in my pocket courtesy of the black jack table... I walked out with a jacket. Well, it's a story, I LIKE at least. sheesh.

Nike Bottoms (Count 1 and 1)
A pair of comfy Nike shorts and Nike pants, baggy and with pockets. SO COMFORTABLE! These will be worn inbetween runs.

Salami, Cheese and Ritz crackers. A great snack that can packed and unpacked with ease. Additional (and essential food will be supplied by others.

Running Items
Chocolate Gu: 6, Water bottle and belt, running shoes, socks, glide, nip guards (just incase it rains), Garmin watch, iPod (chargers for both), Nike gloves, red blinking lights, running sunglasses.

That's the list. The photo above is what I will be wearing on my three legs. The first shirt is from last year's Rock n Roll San Jose and plain running shorts. The second set is for my night run: It's a long sleeve shirt from my recent Skyline to the Sea Ultra and adidas pants. (the shirt reminds me of the green lantern because of it's color). And the final set is my US Half shirt from 2008 (one of my fav., running shirts) and adidas shorts. As you can see, I love running in three stripe (adidas) clothing. They have some of the best running gear out there.

I'll be tweeting out updates regularly, so if you want to follow along, check it out on my Twitter page. Occasional Facebook updates will also be sent throughout the weekend. Feel free to send me messages, as I will have plenty of downtime between runs.

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