Three months ago (almost to the day) I was getting ready for my fourth Full Marathon - and now I am getting ready for what has proven to be a difficult course for me (The San Francisco Full). The first time I ran it in 2007, I was recovering from a severely sprained ankle and just managed to finish the 26.2. In 2008, I was dealing with IT band issues and managed to run the course well enough, but obviously not within reach of my personal goals.

This year, I am 100% healthy and it is an interesting situation: I am running faster than I ever have before and feel like I am at a point in running fitness that I have not previously reached. I am definitely not at my peak, but my best form to date. I know this course front-wards and backwards, it's in my backyard and I have zero excuses not to PR.

So, let's do it: My current PR is 4:52:56 and my goal is to shoot for 4:30. Yes, that is a drastic improvement, but that's what we do: we challenge ourselves. We go out and see what we can accomplish. It's a realistic goal that given the right circumstances I could finish well under 4:30. But at the same time, I can finish well over it. Only time will tell.

This is post No. 99 — which means post No. 100 will be the race results. I'll have to come up with something special for such an occasion. Until then, cheers.


kara said...

Good luck on your race. Looking forward to reading all about it.
: )

Stephanie said...

Good luck! I can't wait to read about your expereince & results!!