Hopefully, Dreams Don't Come True

I was 2 miles into my race when I realized that I was wearing the wrong shoes. For some reason I was in my Asics GTs (that I wear for less than 5 mi.) rather than my Asics Kayano (which I wear for everything else). Then I felt a sharp pain on the ball of right foot. When I looked at the bottom of the shoe, there was a hole. I had over-trained in that pair and the bottom of the shoe had worn thin.

I thought I would be able to run through it, but with every foot plant a shooting pain went through my foot. I would try to convince myself to get through the pain and start to move again, but it wouldn't last long, even after several attempts. I wouldn't be able to finish the race this way with over 24 miles to go... then I woke up.

I have a marathon in 6 days - one that I have high hopes for. However, this dream does have some roots in validity. For the past 3 months I have been training in my Asics Kayanos (my preferred shoe of choice) and at my last training run (the 23 miler) I could feel that my shoes
were close to their end. Usually my shoes will last 3 months safely, but I have been logging more (and faster) miles than normal. This pair has one last run (hopefully) before they are "done" and that run will be in 6 days at the SF full.

I have another brand new pair of Kayanos in the box ready to be broken in, but I'm not foolish enough to wear a brand new pair on race day. Perhaps with my recent training I may have to break in two long distance pairs at a time. I have faith in the shoes I plan to wear this weekend, we've been on the road, across dirt, over hills, up at 4am, and out after work. All I ask is that we run just 26.2 miles more together.

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