The San Francisco Marathon

At peace; That's how I feel about last Sunday's San Francisco Marathon. I was able to shave 7 minutes off my PR in three months and on a far from fast and easy course. San Francisco is full of hills and is a challenging course, even if it is in my backyard.

My goal was 4:30, which I knew was an ambitious goal, but one within reach. But I ran the race absolutely perfect for that given day on that given course. My strategy was to clock 10:20 miles for the first 13-16 miles putting me on pace for a 4:30 finish — then evaluate the second-half and maintain my pace or increase it 10-15 seconds. Unfortunately, I didn't have the resources to do either. My second-half pace turned into 11 min miles and that's how I finished.

However, this race brought out a couple feelings that I had yet to experience in my brief running career. For the first time I got (what I believe) was a runner's high. Around mile 18, I felt my whole body tingle from head to toe in waves for several minutes, my mind felt like it entered a surreal state and poorly stated "I just felt different." It lasted for what felt like 10 mins., but it could have been shorter/longer. Very interesting experience. It didn't really give me an energy boost physically. Sure, mentally, I felt good but it didn't cause me to increase my pace. I'd have to say I enjoyed it though.

Secondly, I've never understood the saying "I left it all out there." Sure I've finished tired and exhausted, but this weekend "I left it all out there." I've never had the feeling where wanted to stop or felt that I couldn't run the last mile -until Sunday. I was within a half mile of the finish line and I had to stop and walk for a few seconds. I looked at my watch and it read 4:40. I thought to myself "I could walk this in and still PR by a few minutes." That is tough to know that inside you have reached a point where giving up is an option. I had absolutely nothing left in the tank with the finish line in sight. Somehow I told myself that I couldn't walk it in and got my feet moving. Typically you can expect the last mile or two to be faster, but my pace was level from mile 20 on. 11:00 min/miles give or take 10 seconds across the board. I was on autopilot and finished at 4:45:24.

And that puts me at peace with my time. Sure I'm a little disappointed I didn't break into 4:30, but knowing that I gave it everything I had and finished with nothing left is all I can ask for; it was a good race for me.

From our running group we had 18 people running (half or full) and 7 PRs which is a nod to our training, the support we provide for each other and excellent coaching. We couldn't be successful without one another.

I'd like to thank my friends and family that came out to support along with the FB community that threw tons of cheers and congrads my way on Sunday. You are all amazing.

I had a special give-away planned for the 100th post, but I think I'm going to hold off for a couple posts. I may have a big announcement this week. We'll see... oh, what a teaser. Haha.


Kristina said...

Congrats again. Great job on a brutal course.

Anonymous said...

Well Done! You're getting closer to your PR of 4:30 that's what counts and that you gave it your ALL! Way to Go...Keep On Running!