Post No. 101: Ultra Marathon


After much consideration and on the tails of finishing the San Francisco Marathon five days ago, I've registered for my first Ultra Marathon.

It is a 50k (30.7 mi.) run through the trails of Redwood Regional Park. This is a "no joke" course. It is hosted by Pacific Coast Trail Runs and has an elevation gain of 4,500 feet:

Here is a short description on the Pacific Coast Trail Runs website: The course travels through beautiful Redwood Regional Park. Enjoy spectacular views along the East Ridge and West Ridge trails and wind through tall redwoods on the popular Stream and French trails.

It takes place Sept. 5, Labor day weekend and the timing for this seemed perfect. Two, possibly three, fellow runners that follow a similar training program as I do are also running it and have encouraged me to participate. (If they have faith in me, who am I not to have faith in myself?) I also just completed 26.2 miles which means I will be running 28.5 in a couple weeks, then the race 2 weeks later. It works perfectly into my schedule: 

Long distance (26.2), two week taper, longer distance (28.5), two week taper, RACE!

I am not taking this choice lightly; It is a trail run which I have zero experience for and is a distance I have never ran. Goal: Do not get injured and finish. That's it. I'm not going to break any world records, so I plan on taking this experience head on with those two goals: no injuries and to just finish. It has a 9 hour finish time and rest stops every 10k. I'll be working in alot of trail runs over the next month and invest in some reading in preparation, so any words of advice are much appreciated.

The posts for the next month will most likely catalog my journey... but don't worry, I am a Pavement Runner with what looks like trail runner aspirations.


Marsha said...

Be careful; you might have to change your name to Trail Runner soon!

I think you'll enjoy it. Trail running is more brutal, but also, a lot more fun. I'm planning on a 50K as early as this fall, but not sure which one yet. Woodside looks to be one of PCTR's tamer courses.

Joe Johnson said...

Trail running is so much better on the body. Uses more muscles and reduces the pounding. Go longer on the trails. Come to Wyoming and see the difference!

Anonymous said...

This is an opportunity to broaden your experience in running. Trail is different than pavement that's a for sure. Your goal is right on don't get hurt/injured and finish. Enjoy your new experience! Keep us all posted! GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

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